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Pool Leader has special facilities for handling sales orders. If your company is a distributor, or if your company takes orders and ships in a similar way to distributors, then Pool Leader is the product for you.

Here is a summary of how sales orders are processed:

  1. The order comes in either through fax/phone/mail/etc.
  2. A sales order is entered. This entry consists of all products requested (whether they are in stock or not).
  3. A pick-slip is printed. Usually this printer is located in the warehouse area so that the shipping staff can read it.
  4. The shipping staff physically prepares the shipment, taking note of how much physical stock was shipped on the pick slip.
  5. The pick slip is passed on to the invoicing staff, where the invoice is entered. The invoice is brought in automatically and the products don't need to be entered again, just the quantities are updated.
  6. Each customer usually gets a different price. Pool Leader allows you to tailor the prices for each of your customers! For example, when Customer X buys Pumps, he gets 10% off, but when Customer Y buys pumps, she gets 15% off.

Sales Order Flowchart

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