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Updated May 12, 2005

The hardware requirements will vary depending on the intended usage of each machine. Here is a list of hardware recommendations. Also see POS Hardware.

We sell the POS equipment, but we do not sell the computers. Choose a reputable computer store for your computer purchases, preferably one that also does network installations. If you have any problems, you may need to call the store that you purchased the computers from.

Today's computers are very fast. Any brand-new machine will have more than adequate performance to run Pool Leader. Today, reliability is the main factor which makes one machine better than another.


The server is the machine that actually stores the data. All other machines access the data on this machine across the network. This machine should be the fastest and most powerful. You will only need one server machine.

POS Workstation

A POS workstation is used as a till, at the parts department, etc.

Office Workstation

An office workstation is similar to a POS workstation, but it does not need the POS equipment.

Low End Workstation

If you need a simple machine that will only be used for simple operations such as looking up products and customer information, then an old machine will do. Here is a list of the minimum recommended hardware for this application.

Known Issues

Recommended Custom-Built System

If your machines are being custom built, please consider the following configuration. It has been very stable for us and is very economical. It probably costs a tiny bit more than the low-cost systems many vendors sell, but it is very stable and reliable.

POS Hardware

Barcode Scanner High quality, omnidirectional presentation barcode scanner, ideal for reading barcodes on curved surfaces.
  • Patented 20-line scan pattern producing 1200 scan lines per second.
  • Fully automatic scanning.
  • 30 tilt scanning head.
  • Optional wall/counter mounting bracket.
Barcode Scanner Economical, high-resolution CCD barcode scanner.
  • Small, lightweight.
  • Requires user to press trigger to scan.
Cash Drawer Steel beige enamel finish cash drawer.
  • 3-position key lock (manual, auto, lock).
  • Two media slots.
  • Removable large capacity insert tray (5 bill, 5 coin).
  • 48" interface cable with connector included.
Cash Drawer Steel, white cash drawer with stainless steel top edge.
  • 2-position key lock.
  • Two media slots.
  • 6-coin 3+2 bill, or, 5-coin 4+2 bill money tray, includes $2 coin tray.
  • Optional locking lid for money tray.
  • Extra keys available.
Receipt Printer Dot-matrix 7-pin impact 40 column receipt printer, ideal for retail applications.
  • One original, and up to two copies.
  • 1K data buffer.
  • 2.5 Lines Per Second (LPS) print speed.
  • Cash drawer support.
  • 3" paper rolls.
  • Recessed cables, internal power supply, small footprint.
  • Metal tearbar.
Pole Display Adjustable customer display pole, ideal for retail applications to display product description and price as you scan each product.
  • 2 line x 20 character alphanumeric display.
  • RS-232 Interface.
  • 10.6" x 15.75" pole.
  • Scrolling message.
  • Blue-green display colour.

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