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Reports allow you monitor the performance and activity of the company.

Customer Listing Listing based on criteria.
Customer Labels Labels based on criteria.
Customer History Transaction history (purchases, service calls, payments, etc.).
Summarized Customer Group quantity sold of each product purchased by the customer. (Optionally by date).
Payment History Listing of account payments.
Profit/Loss Analysis Analysis of profit/loss of a specific customer.
Prospect/Sales-Lead See how your salespeople are doing.
Retail/Cost Catalog Listing of cost or retail prices of products.
Inventory On Hand Listing of current instock level of products.
Inventory Reorder / Automatic PO Order Analyze product quantities to determine quantities to order.
Purchase Order Reports View/Edit quantities to order, produce purchase order.
Inventory Received Listing of products received.
Inventory Sold Listing of products sold.
Margin Analysis Listing of profit made, broken down by manufacturer.
Non-Stock Items Sold Listing of non-stock items sold, such as service, pool openings, etc.
Sales Analysis Graph Comparative bar graph between this year and last year.
Products On Sale Listing of products that are on sale.
Product Sold Analysis Listing of quantities sold, broken down by month. Great for helping determine how much to order in early buy.
Customizable Product Report Customizable report. For example: committed, quantity ordered, location, section, received, sold, etc.
Products Returned For Warranty Listing of the status of products that have been returned.
Print Kits Listing kits, or listing of kit details.
Vendor Cost Catalog Analysis Listing of each vendor's costs.
Multiple Price List Reports Listing of prices that have been assigned to a specific customer.
Inventory Transfer Reports Listing of products on service trucks, or other locations.
Invoiced Work Orders Listing of workorders that have been invoiced.
Invoice Journal Listing of sales invoices.
Daily Cash Receipts Listing of cash, credit card, debit card, cheques, and accounts receivable activity.
Print Invoice/Receipt Reprint invoice or receipt. (View example receipt)
Print Workorders Print workorders for each technician (for service scheduler).
Print Quotation / Contract Print quotes or contracts.
Aged Receivables Listing of customers/invoices with outstanding balances.
Customer Statements Print customer statements.
Bad Debt Report Listing of customers that have been written off.
Customers Marked For Collection Listing of customers that have been sent to a collection agency.
Salesperson Overview Listing of sales performance, by salesperson (for commission).
Tax Wizard Helps with sales tax remittance.
Invoice Journal Listing of purchase invoices.
Cheque Register Listing of cheques issued to vendors.
Aged Payables Listing of outstanding payables.
Vendor Ledger Listing of vendors (invoice and payment detail).
Payment Planner Listing of outstanding invoices based on age.
Payment History Listing of payments issued to vendors.
Vendor List Listing of vendor information.
Payroll Register Paycheque detail (highly customizable).
Remittance Report Helps with payroll remittance.
Remittance Register Listing of remittance issued.
Cheque Register Listing of cheques issued.
Employee List Listing of employees.
General Journal Produces report based on journal entry by entry number or date.
General Ledger Shows summarized activity of a specific account.
Chart of Accounts List of accounts.
Trial Balance Shows the current balance of each account.
Balance Sheet Financial condition of your business. What company owns and owes as of a particular day.
Income Statement Profit and loss statement.

And More!

Example Receipt

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