When you use Pool Leader, you get more than great business management software. You also get our commitment to technical support and customer service.

We believe that quality service can best be achieved by offering you excellent technical support. There is no Warranty Support period, you will get free support as long as you use Pool Leader, unlike our competitors who charge by the minute.

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Remote Control Software

Most common problems or questions will be resolved over the telephone. When time is important or the user is unable to define the trouble, then our technical staff will use remote control software (pcAnywhere) to connect to your network and resolve the problem. The remote control support means higher user productivity as a result of faster problem resolution and eliminates frustration for both users and technicians.

Remote-control software eliminates these difficulties by enabling the technician to manipulate the remote PC directly—without putting the user in the middle of the process. The technician is able to experience the problem first-hand. This speeds troubleshooting and gives the technician full control of the remote computer for problem resolution while the user is on the line.

Benefits of remote control software:

Pool Leader Updates

Pool Leader is updated and improved frequently. If you want to be sure that you have the newest version, please contact Aquabyte Support.

If you are looking for manufacturer data or a payroll update, see our download page.

Windows Stability Tips

All Versions of Windows

Warning! Before making any changes to your system, be sure that you have a good, fresh backup of Pool Leader. Also, please have these changes applied by a computer technician if you are unsure about anything.

For maximum stability, we have several recommendations for Windows:

Preparing a Computer for Pool Leader

Pool Leader can be installed on one computer but used from several computers. One machine is chosen as the "server" computer (where Pool Leader stores all of its information), and several other computers may be set up as client computers. Pool Leader includes a program to prepare a computer (server or client) for use with Pool Leader, it applies any changes needed depending on which version of Windows is installed.

To prepare a computer for use with Pool Leader, two steps are necessary:

  1. Map any network drives to the main server computer. We suggest using drive P, it may save time if any technical support is needed.
  2. In the main Pool Leader directory, run PLINIT.EXE.

Running PLINIT will prevent/fix the following problems:

Running PLINIT will also:

Updates for Other Software

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus (also known as NAV) has been noted to cause the following problems in Pool Leader:

These failures are caused by Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus intercepts and monitors many functions in Windows, sometimes interfering with the correct operation of Pool Leader. To fix this, disable "AutoProtect" in Norton Antivirus. You will still be well protected from viruses though, because email protection remains enabled even with AutoProtect off, and email "worms" are the most common source of viruses in Windows.

If you do have the problems listed above, your computer may be infected with a virus. To properly scan your system under these circumstances, you must boot off the NAV CD and perform a scan from there. The reason is that if the installed copy of NAV is infected, it's ability to see and eliminate viruses may be severely impaired. (Yes, viruses sometimes infect antivirus software, as funny as that sounds). When you boot off the NAV CD, the virus scan program runs it right off the CD before the virus (or even Windows itself) has been loaded into memory. How did you get the virus with antivirus software installed? New viruses are created all the time, your virus definitions may have been out-of-date.


Windows 95

Make sure that you have the most recent updates for Windows. Microsoft no longer supports automated updates for Windows 95 on Windows Update, so you will have to manually download and install each update. To download the Windows 95 updates, visit Microsoft's Windows 95 Download Site. Unfortunately Windows 95 has been abandoned by Microsoft, so all updates must be manually downloaded and installed (Windows Update no longer supports Windows 95).

Note: if and when an update prompts you to restart the computer, choose Yes. If the machine being updated is the server, make sure that nobody is running Pool Leader and that none of the files on the server are open by users on the network before choosing Yes.

Windows 98

A very common problem on Windows 98 is a lock-up on shutdown. Please visit Windows Update and be sure that you get the following updates:

Note: if and when Windows Update prompts you to restart the computer, choose Yes! If the machine is the server, before choosing Yes please make sure that nobody is running Pool Leader and that none of the files on the server are open by users on the network.

If your computer is still locking up on shutdown, try each of the following:

Microsoft has identified several causes of lockups when shutting down Windows 98 and especially Windows 98 Second Edition (Win98SE). Details are available in the Microsoft knowledge base.

Knowledge base articles
Windows 98 shutdown problems (Q196008)
Windows 98 Second Edition shutdown problems (Q238096)

If either of the above links don't work (Microsoft changes their site frequently), go to, choose Search, and search the the article ID (the number that begins with Q above).

Windows Millennium (Me)

Windows Me does not properly detect changes to the "config.sys" file (this file is used at startup to configure DOS). Pool Leader uses files extensively and sometimes needs to have many files open. When Pool Leader is installed, it detects the current setting of the "files=" line of the config.sys, and, if the current value is too low, automatically updates it. Because Windows Me does not correctly detect this modification, you will probably have problems installing Pool Leader on a Windows Me computer. There is a workaround.

See Preparing a Computer For Pool Leader.

Windows Millennium (ME) or Windows NT Have Hidden CONFIG.SYS

See Preparing a Computer For Pool Leader.

Windows NT 3.51 or higher

See Preparing a Computer For Pool Leader.

The Opportunistic Locking Bug

A very serious networking problem exists in Windows NT 3.51 and higher. It is called "The Opportunistic Locking bug". It can cause serious corruption of the files of any multi-user program. Specifically, it can cause Pool Leader to create multiple invoices with the same invoice number, and it can severely damage the detail rows of invoices. The problem can actually affect any of the data files of Pool Leader, but the invoice tables are the most heavily accessed, which makes the problem occur more frequently there.

Related resources on the Microsoft web site (for the interested)

Fixing the Opportunistic Locking bug in Windows NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

See Preparing a Computer For Pool Leader.

Not enough file handles (Pool Leader keeps prompting you to update your CONFIG.SYS file)

See Preparing a Computer For Pool Leader.

Windows XP

Windows XP is based on Windows NT, therefore please refer to the Windows NT section for additional information. Any problems specific to Windows XP will be listed here.


If you get "This program has performed an illegal operation" at the bottom right corner of the screen when using Pool Leader, and you have pcAnywhere installed on that machine, you probably need the SYMEVNT fix. (Note: pcAnywhere does not have to be running for this problem to occur)

If you have pcAnywhere V8.0, download and run both of these files.
You must run 802up_a.exe before you run 802up_b.exe.
Download and run this file for all versions of pcAnywhere:
SymEvent Patch (fixes random illegal operations)
You may wish to
go to Symantec's download page.
95/98/Me/NT 4/2000
NT 3.5x
Please report problems downloading these files.

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